The epic battle of remote a.k.a channel changer.

As if it isn’t bad enough trying to watch T.V and having 4 other people who want to watch something else- my baby brother decided to join in as well!

If he were watching something, and then suddenly he starts playing with his toy piano and you decide to change the channel- he’ll become upset. I’ve come to learn that even though he’s not paying attention, he still likes to have the channel on to whatever he was watching previously. When he becomes upset, he’ll take the remote off of you and kind of shoves it at you for you to change it. It’s really C U T E!  >~< But can be a bit of a nightmare at times.

I remember once, he went the whole day without letting anyone watch anything and the other day- mum decided to change things up a bit so she changed the channel to something she usually watches and put the remote out of his reach. Of course he started crying… still continued to cry until I think, he got the message. SO the next time something similar happened and my mum put the remote out of his reach, he didn’t cry. He just did whatever really o-o