Its the end of an eventful chapter.

My baby brother is finishing nursery tomorrow and for all of us, its a pretty emotional time because it just shows how far he’s come. Looking back, it highlights how much he’s improved and how much theres still left but all in good time.

On Monday, my parents had to visit the school he was going to go to in September and his head teacher was there. And once he saw her, he ran up to her and gave her cuddles with his arms round her neck. Its amazing that just a year ago, he didnt want anything to do with her but through a lot of intensive interaction, he’s some to love her- just like we do :’) We owe so so so much to this lady, its unbelievable. Well, not just her but to his key workers as well.

I think sometimes when you try to do your best with a child with autism, you could throw them at the deep end straight away but sometimes and perhaps majority of the time- the best way to get a child with autism to do things is to start off with intensive interaction. In simple terms, includes lots of hugs and cuddles. Such a simple method can have a huge impact with interaction between the child and the person. I believe its the best method to use before doing anything- especially PECs. When my brother started nursery, he was immedietly thrown at the deep end with PECs. He couldn’t do it. He didn’t understand it, he didn’t know any of these people, he absolutely H A T E D it! However, after scrapping that idea and spending months using intensive interaction to I guess, get to know her, (or whoever was the keyworker at the time) in a way, it enabled him to trust him and whenever any of them walked into the room, he would always look at them- so his eye contact improved HUGELY.

A few months later, they decided to try PECs again and success. He did it because he knew it was ok. And the keyworkers thankfully were patient enough to try and try again. Its amazing to see how far he’s come. He’s babbling more which is great!. I remember in English, we studied this  person who said that when parents try to correct their childs speech, they won’t repeat whatever said. So I decided to do the opposite with me copying what he’s saying and it actually helps him to babble more. I would rather have him babble then not say anything at all. And hopefully by him continuing to babble it’ll help him form words and perhaps go onto the next stage of learning language. *fingers crossed* I’m actually looking forward to the future and having those moments where everything that you’ve done to said point was worth it 🙂