Balloons and Updates!

Hello! Well it’s been over a month. I’m hoping NOT to make a habit of this but like I stated in my last blog post, college comes first. Thankfully, college finished tomorrow for Christmas break however, it doesn’t stop the amount of revision I have to do or the coursework I have to complete -.-

But I did promise myself to work on this project, however little or big it may be during the holidays. So here I am. From the last post till now, everything has been hectic. From college, to my brothers school. Well firstly, he turned 5 in November so YIPPEYY! He’s a year older. But because he’s a year older, it means we need to focus on his speech therapy even more. I know that in his new school, he’s going to have speech therapy every Thursday but I currently feel lost. As do my family.

And because we feel lost, we need to get updates. But it’s really hard because you really want to ask them but you don’t want to feel like your pestering them. I understood the work of a speech and language therapist but it wasn’t till I brought this book just how much work was involved:


This book has become my guide, something I carry with me every where I go and to those who are aspiring to be a speech and language therapist- this book is a must have! Patience is key however it doesn’t hurt asking!



Ok so balloon’s have become my brothers latest obsession. Wait, it’s always been but we only have them around for birthdays and it was my birthday like two weeks ago so our house was filled with balloons. But never fear, my brother somehow managed to pop all 18 balloons. It’s scary when he lays his head onto the balloon when it’s on the floor so I tend to scream whenever my gut feeling says it’s going to blow. Jeehz I’m such a girl.

In other news, going to be working on the logo for the project. I feel that once I do this, I can maybe get things done slowly and get somewhere xD Oh and I have 3 offers, and 1 rejection Q~Q My heart hurts from the rejection but it’s ok… I wasn’t going to go there anyway ¬____¬ BUT I AM STILL WAITING FROM CITY! I hope I get an interview Q~Q


To eat or not to eat.

So my brother was having one of those days where he’ll refuse to eat his tea. He had just come back from the dietician and she said that he’s improved which is always great to hear! 🙂 But oh no, coinkidinkily (pardon my use of random words that aren’t from the english dictionary) he came back refusing to eat. My brother has this thing where he’ll eat but only if the channel is switched to 998 which for those who have Sky and live in the UK know that its one of the channels where Sky go on about their awesome whatsits. But yeah- that channel was on so he was refusing to eat. So mum got out his storio (http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_kUSTO85AS-c/TLrFTtvwfOI/AAAAAAAAB9Q/O-1cJJ1b-yM/s1600/storio.jpg) which he absolutely loves but he still refused to eat. In the end though, he had weetabix. I don’t know why he does that and I don’t think we’ll know anytime soon. I wish we did.

So he’s currently on his Storio, playing away but oh wait- the batterys dead and now he’s crying. He does this really cute thing where he’ll try and turn it on (despite the battery being dead but he doesnt really know this or maybe he does o.o) and if its not working, he’ll grab the finger of myself or anyone in the family and he’ll indicate that he wants them to turn it on. Its really cute c: Though it gets a bit much when he starts crying again and you have run round the house, trying to search for more batteries and when you do find them, it can be a bit difficult taking the toy off of him o.o

Oh so I have a question in my head. The dietician said that its not good that he drink from those plastic cups with the straw thing (http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/41WcAxeeWfL._SL500_AA300_.jpg) because it’ll change the shape of his jaw or cheeks o.. o But isn’t that the same as drinking from the straw? It makes no sense o.o

Just remembered. We have this mat with numbers on and in the morning, I held my brothers hand and we went from one number to another and then I said its his turn. Not sure whether he understood that it was his turn but anyway, he managed to say ‘One’ C: like not with confidence I guess but more of a whisper? And he tries to say ‘Two’ he’ll say ‘T’, just the T but its massive improvement! I guess with lots of repetition, it does pay off. I mean if you keep saying it and show them the numbers- they’ll put two and two together (see what I did there? Pun wasn’t intended ^___^)

Still googling on the flapping thing. So far I’ve read that its their way of expressing themselves? o.o *googles some more*


Bad moods come and go.

So my brother was in one of those moods where he’d just become frustrated at everything and cry. He usually leaves for the nursery all happy but today, he left the nursery in a sad mood. You could tell by the looks on his face, his top lip was in and his bottom lip was out and he had his head down. I wasn’t here when this happened, I was at college but my mum  told me when I came back. At first I thought it was because he wanted to wear his new shoes. We brought him new shoes yesterday and he wouldn’t take them off! Not because they were new- though we wouldn’t know this really, but because he knows that when he has his shoes on, it means its time to go outside, and he won’t take them off till he goes out. But yesterday after a few hours, he took them off, and he didn’t even cry! I call that progress 🙂 Anyway- I digress.

He came back from the nursery and he was still in a bad mood. When I tried to make him change out of his uniform, he started to become even more upset. My mum then tried and he kept following her. We have a temporary bed downstairs (dont ask why but it’ll be gone soon) and he jumped onto the bed and started crying even more. My mum later brought out his tea and after that he was all fine! It must be frustrating for him to communicate what he wants to tell us. I mean, I get really frustrated not because of him but because I don’t know but it must be even more so for him and it kind of breaks my heart a little. I just want him to be able to tell us- but he doesn’t know how. And it’s something we all need to work on but its really frustrating because I want to do activities with him and help him but college is taking over my life. *sigh* only 2 more weeks before I’m done!

He has this toy where when you wave it, it flaps? o.O But he loves it! And I guess its because it flaps? I’ve always wondered why children with Autism do that. I think I’ll do a bit of research and find out, then maybe post it on here 🙂 So maybe if someone stumbles across this blog, they’ll know? o.o Also, I’ve been reading this book called ‘Ten Thing children with Autism wish you knew’ by Ellen Nothbom? Its really good! I’m trying to read it during the few moments when I’m free and I’ve only managed to read a few pages but I have to say, its really opened my eyes! I’ll let you know what I think of it- maybe I’ll even do a review ? 🙂