This blog was created in July of 2012.

It documents the journey of a sibling coming to terms with her brother’s Autism, and learning more so she could give more.

A bit about us:

I am now 19 years of age and my brother is 6. Let’s call him Tiger. Tiger was first diagnosed with Autism when he was about 2. He is going to go into Year 2! Tiger LOVEs to play outside on the swing, make music and jump around! He loves cuddles and likes to wrestle with his older brother.

And then theres me. I’m 19, and soon I’m no longer going to be able to fit into the teen category! I’m going to start my second year of university soon and I’m currently trying to pass my driving test and find a part time job. My goals are to become a SaLT and to one day, set up my own Autism sibling group or produce a sibling pack of sort. I’m a bookworm and tea addict with no exceptional skills. Just little old me!

8 thoughts on “About!

  1. Hi there – someone linked to your blog on our facebook page ( I’m Head of Press and PR for the National Autistic Society) and just wanted to congratulate you on a great blog. We’d love to see if you would be interested in working with us on some media ideas we’ve got kicking around about autism and siblings. If you are interested then do drop me a note and we can have a chat.
    Thanks – and keep scribing!

  2. Hey – that’s a cool challenge! I’m an 11-year-old girl with Asperger’s and I’ve seen blogs by autistics and parents of autistics, but not by a sibling before, so it’s a nice perspective 😉
    I have a brother two years older than yours and all little brothers are hard work, autistic or not!

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