thank you.

happy new year!

heads up!

this is going to be my last post. i don’t know when i intend to write in this blog again but for now, i’m not going to be writing in here for a long while. reason being is that there is so much going on right now- i’ve just started uni and i have piles upon piles of assignments to go through, and i’m trying to pass my driving… doing all adult stuff.

my brother is doing fine, he’s still non verbal but we’re trying, every day. I feel like his understanding has improved and he;s saying ‘no’ more to things he doesn’t want to do. i love him so much and i hope that this year, theres more development to come.

i’ve taken the decision to stop writing in this blog but, i’m not going to delete it because there maybe someone in the same position as i was/am and they may come across this blog and this may help them, i don’t know. i’ve loved writing in this blog and sharing my experiences with you all and if i’ve helped at least one person, that’s completely fine with me.

if you’ve noticed i’ve taken down the facebook page as well- i’ve deleted it since i didn’t use it a lot anyway.

finally, i want to say thank you for all my silent readers and to those who’ve dropped an odd comment or so. times are hard but no matter what the challenge, get through each day with a positive mind set. love each other and help others.

thank you.