On a positive note.

(Just want to say, sorry that I haven’t put up a post- I’ve just been really busy! This is going to be a quick post as I really need to work on my Extended Project)

A thing that my little brother does now is that whenever you raise your voice, he’ll actually shout back but he’ll say ‘GEEEEE!’, whatever ‘GEEEE’ is. I actually find it pretty funny :’) and kind of cute. But I guess its nice to know that he does realise when we raise our voice. I guess him answering back is his way of standing up for himself?

He also (with my help^^) can go down the slide by himself! And I’m not sure whether he understands what ‘sit’ is but usually, when he climbs the slide, he’ll stand on top of it and look up at the sky and all around, but when I say ‘sit’, its at that point that he actually does sit down. At first I thought it was a fluke but after following through over and over again, I’m convinced that he understands.

I feel that throughout the whole summer, my brothers been improving little by little. We’ve found that he’s able to climb the slide, he answers back when you raise your voice- he’s even started to babble a lot more! Things like this get me really emotional at the fact that he IS improving. I really want to write a whole lot but words fail me. Just that I’m really happy at the way things are going 🙂

Also, I feel that this article is total bull, be aware: http://www.autismhowto.com/vaccines-and-autism-know-well-before-making-any-move-about-the-disorder-and-its-vaccination.html


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