The medicine that could kill you with its smell.

Basically the title- true story. (the stench of the medicine not the death o.o)

My baby brother has to have this vitamin medicine which literally all the vitamins in the world (exaggerating) in it. This is because of his diet being really restrictive. The dietician prescribed this and told us to feed him to medicine for as long as we can. So, being the loving and responsible family that we are, we do what we’re told. I remember opening the bottle, and the stench (smell) of it hit me. It was just naasttyyyy.

Whilst I was helping my mum to prepare, I was thinking ‘how on earth is he supposed to get this down?’. My fears came true when he refused to have it- I don’t blame him, just looking at it made me gag. And its really frustrating when we went back to dietician and she doesn’t seem to understand that it is I M P O S S I B L E for him to have medicine that smells like crap. He’s not going to have it. Even if you try and force it down. He usually has his medicines- he knows he has to take them. However with this one, it just smells really bad and he’s not budging.

So we’re in a bit of a smidge. The dietician said that we should feed him it and then quickly give water but IT WONT WORK.  I don’t know what makes it smell so bad. I’d say the name but if you have a memory like mine, its pretty useless.

I held the bottle out for my mum, and I just sniffed my hand and the stench… *dies*



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