Bad moods come and go.

So my brother was in one of those moods where he’d just become frustrated at everything and cry. He usually leaves for the nursery all happy but today, he left the nursery in a sad mood. You could tell by the looks on his face, his top lip was in and his bottom lip was out and he had his head down. I wasn’t here when this happened, I was at college but my mum Β told me when I came back. At first I thought it was because he wanted to wear his new shoes. We brought him new shoes yesterday and he wouldn’t take them off! Not because they were new- though we wouldn’t know this really, but because he knows that when he has his shoes on, it means its time to go outside, and he won’t take them off till he goes out. But yesterday after a few hours, he took them off, and he didn’t even cry! I call that progress πŸ™‚ Anyway- I digress.

He came back from the nursery and he was still in a bad mood. When I tried to make him change out of his uniform, he started to become even more upset. My mum then tried and he kept following her. We have a temporary bed downstairs (dont ask why but it’ll be gone soon) and he jumped onto the bed and started crying even more. My mum later brought out his tea and after that he was all fine! It must be frustrating for him to communicate what he wants to tell us. I mean, I get really frustrated not because of him but because I don’t know but it must be even more so for him and it kind of breaks my heart a little. I just want him to be able to tell us- but he doesn’t know how. And it’s something we all need to work on but its really frustrating because I want to do activities with him and help him but college is taking over my life. *sigh* only 2 more weeks before I’m done!

He has this toy where when you wave it, it flaps? o.O But he loves it! And I guess its because it flaps? I’ve always wondered why children with Autism do that. I think I’ll do a bit of research and find out, then maybe post it on here πŸ™‚ So maybe if someone stumbles across this blog, they’ll know? o.o Also, I’ve been reading this book called ‘Ten Thing children with Autism wish you knew’ by Ellen Nothbom? Its really good! I’m trying to read it during the few moments when I’m free and I’ve only managed to read a few pages but I have to say, its really opened my eyes! I’ll let you know what I think of it- maybe I’ll even do a review ? πŸ™‚


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